media stranger things, shameless, fight club (1999), thor: ragnarok, attack on titan (sorry), stars align, bungo stray dogs, jujutsu kaisen, tokyo ghoul, one piece, tokyo revengers, chainsaw man, the umbrella academy

other i really like taeyong (nct) and wonyoung (ive), alternative rock, kdramas, keito hasumi (enstars)
about me any pronouns, 16, unlabeled, nby, middle eastern, north african, west asian, arab, taurus, 7w6 (or 6w7) enfp, i speak both english and arabic. i do not condone the problematic actions of anyone i like and im critical of all my interests
byf my interests change on a weekly basis and i'm somewhat bad at approaching people

dni there's no dni, however if you make me uncomfy i will block u.
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